Why Canada

As a Permanent Resident of Canada, you can work, study, get social benefits (free medical care, unemployment assistance, continue or upgrade education and qualification), do business, bring your family to Canada, stay fully protected by Canadian charter of rights, become Canadian citizen in just four years

Reasons to choose to live in Canada:

  1. High quality of lifestyle – clean nature, widest choice of recreation, safe and best globally ranked cities (Vancouver – third, Toronto – fourth, Calgary – fifth rank by Economist 2016).
  2. Growing job market – unemployment rates under 5%.
  3. World-class education for you and your children at very affordable cost.
  4. Multicultural country – everyone is welcomed! You could easily find your compatriots in any province.
  5. Supportive social security programs for new immigrants.
  6. Unemployment benefits.
  7. Largest reservoir of natural resources and minerals.
  8. Efficient childcare programs and pension plans.
  9. Corruption-free environment, protection of rights and dignity of person.
  10. As a citizen of Canada, you can travel visa free to 172 countries in the world.
  11. One of the finest healthcare systems with subsidized medical plans for immigrants.
  12. Canada annually ranks as first or second best country for living in the world for many years in a row.